1. Increase Brand Awareness & Loyalty

When you post to your social media page, anyone who likes or follows your business profile will see it, so whether you’re sharing valuable information or a special offer, you’re getting in front of your customers. If your customers find it share-worthy and post it to their profiles, their followers will see it as well, and then those followers share with their followers, and so on (think multiplier effect).

Not only that but over half of those who follow you are more loyal to you than other brands, according to research.

2. Connect with Your Target Audience

What if there was a way to have an open channel for communication with your potential and existing customers?

Oh wait. There is. It’s called social media.

Your potential new customers are looking to social media first to connect with you. So be there. Because when people have an opportunity to give valuable insights, they feel important, and they give you an opportunity to improve your business and marketing strategies with their feedback.

3. Improve Customer Retention

The open communication and convenience of social media is extremely conducive to building deeper relationships with your customers.

As said before, when people have an opportunity to connect with you or provide feedback, it makes them feel like they have a voice, and when you respond in a prompt and professional manner, you boost customer loyalty, which means better customer retention.

4. Increase Traffic to Your Website

Every time you include a link to your website in a social media post, you’re creating a way for viewers to visit your website.

Let’s say you post a new blog post on your website and share it to your Twitter or Facebook page. Your post gets shared among your Facebook/Twitter followers, and so more people are clicking to read it, and the more people click, the more visits you have to your website. The more people who visit your website, the higher your site ranks on Google, and the higher your site ranks when people search for your industry, the more organic traffic you get to your site.

And the more traffic you get, the more opportunities for conversions, and the more opportunities you have, the more closed business you get. Just make sure your website is upto scratch (click here if you still need a website)

5. Create Opportunities for Sharing

Sharing information, special incentives and new offers is much faster than it has ever been. If you have a marketing message you want to get to your audience as quickly as possible, all you have to do is post it on your social media pages.

The benefit here is that your customers/followers see you as a person just like them, making you stand out more in their minds, and you can get in front of them with a click of a button, which is never a bad thing.

Have a blog post you just wrote? Post it. Important notice? Post it. Business hours have changed? Post it. A customer told you a funny story? Post it. People love this kind of stuff.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

We’ve all heard of Social Media Stalking. But basically, watching your competitors’ activities not only keeps you up to speed on what they’re doing but could also provide extra insight into your industry’s advancements.

With that kind of knowledge at hand, you can compare your competitors’ business actions to yours and use that knowledge to improve your business strategies to stay ahead.

This allows you to not only see what IS working (gaining lots of Likes/Shares/Comments/Retweets) but you can also compare what ISN'T working (gaining no response).

If you need help with your Social Media, we can also help with that (we understand it can be time consuming) so we can save you that time.